Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

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The Pancha Maha Bhutas

Nature as a manifestation of Great God is called Prakruti, and nature as a divine witness is called Purusha. God manifests on earth through everything being born therefore called the Mother Earth. However, Mother Earth does not exist without Father Sky.  [ read more ]

Rejuvenation: Mind, Body and Prana

Food is energy and at different times we need energy in different ways. Remember we have the body, vital or emotional, and the mind. We need to feed the body first as body is the vehicle but we especially need to ask where the need is coming from. [ read more ]

Aushadhi: Nutrition vs Medicine April 2019

Three new terms were introduced. Virya - immediate energetic effect (hot or cold) Vipaka - post digestive effect (sweet, sour or pungent) Prabha - God or unusual effect (the concept of prasad or blessed food). [ read more ]